Bike with missing front wheelOur public school system is a microcosm of America as a whole. Is it broken or is something missing? When we look at our public school system we have a microcosm of what is happening in America as a whole.  We have ever-increasing, world record setting amounts of money being allocated from hard-working, tax paying citizens to our school system to try to fix what many politicians, parents and teachers have referred to as “broken.”  The problem is not what is broken so much as what is missing!  If a bicycle is missing a front wheel, it won’t ride. You can throw any amount of money into that bike for gold plated handle bars and a magical seat, and it still won’t ride.  The interesting thing is that it never needed a magic seat or gold handles bars. It just needs someone to come along and put the same old front wheel back on it.

Our country spends more money today than ever before on entitlement programs, welfare programs, corporate tax breaks and incentives, infrastructure and grants to charities and the arts and sciences.  This is all done supposedly for the same reasons public schools are government funded which is for the benefit of society so its citizens can realize the American dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Sounds good, and I agree government funding for these purposes is necessary. However, we are still missing the front wheel. The front wheel not only enables a bike to ride, but determines its direction and gets us to where we want to go.

Our schools are a miserable failure compared to private schools, most of which are Christian schools.  This is in spite of the massive additional spending on our public schools on a per student basis than in private schools. Wait, maybe there is a clue in that.  Could blessings from God be real?  The message God gave to his people in the Bible, Zechariah 1:3 was, “This is what the Lord Almighty says, ‘Return to me, and I will return to you.”  If this is true, money wouldn’t be the primary factor in the success of a particular matter.  That would explain the school phenomenon.

How about society as a whole? If government spending, rather than God’s blessings on a nation, determines positive results in society, the USA should be in the best shape ever right now because it has never spent more money before.  Society should be getting better all around.  People should have to work less hours and still earn and keep more money.  There would be stronger relationships and more stable families because of less stress causing factors such as crime, uncertainty about our futures, and the security that comes with knowing government is for the people and by the people.  We should all be healthier.  We should be seeing an increased prosperity and wealth throughout the land and dwindling numbers of those in poverty.  Is that what has been happening?

No, because what has been missing in public schools is also systematically being removed from all other parts of government and the culture.  That missing element is God, who created all living things, small and large.  God holds the deed to Earth and we as individuals and a nation are merely tenants with a very short term lease on life in the big picture of history.  The USA only emerged as the world super power after World War II.  It happened quickly and recently in the scope of history.  Are we so certain that status won’t be taken from us as this country continues to remove God from its culture and reject the basic principles and values that got us to the pinnacle in the first place?

The laws of physics were created by God and he is the only one capable of bending those laws when he wants to pour supernatural blessings upon a person, a school system or even an entire nation.  No matter how much money is budgeted for schools or well intentioned entitlements, like a bike without a front wheel, it just won’t ride. We need someone to come along and put the front wheel back on.  We need spiritual leaders that have read and understand the Bible including Ephesians 6 and to apply this wisdom and stand strong in the face of evil and in the face of the wolves in sheep’s clothing that are destroying this nation. We need a return to Godly principles such as those etched in the Ten Commandments proclaimed in our public squares and taught in our public schools.  We need to inform people that a very small, evil, or at least greatly deceived, segment of society has been winning this debate over God at everyone else’s expense.  We need to have a louder voice that matches our majority reminding people that history is on our side, and in fact, a people and a nation are much worse off when they abandon God, but are greatly blessed when they are one nation under God.  My hope and prayer for America is that this calling will blossom into a widespread spiritual re-awakening and unleash new and bountiful blessings from God upon this entire nation.  We’ve done it before, and maybe it has been a long time, but we can still remember how to do it.  It’s actually easy, just like riding a bike.

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