Today we celebrate the moms.  It’s Mother’s Day.  Though you may receive gifts, cards and admiration for all that you do, remember there is no better gift than that of salvation through Christ.  You are super busy but never too busy to stop and listen to your children, right?  Jesus is never too busy to listen to us but He also has a lot to say and we would be wise to listen.  In all of the craziness of a regular week you have filled with your responsibilities like work, family, chores to run and chores to do, and fitting in quality time with your kids, it is hard to fit in quality time with Jesus.  Or is it?  In Luke 10:38-41 we read that Jesus and his disciples visit the house of Martha and her sister Mary. Martha is doing all the work around the house while Mary sits at Jesus’ feet listening to him speak.  Martha gets upset and asks Jesus to tell Mary to get up and help her out, but Jesus tells Martha that there is truly only one necessary thing in life and Mary is doing it and it will not be taken from her.

Mary Martha JesusTry to remember this lesson and set aside time each day to spend at the feet of Jesus.  Put aside the distractions, read the Bible, pray and listen for what Jesus has to say to you.  God created the universe out of nothing, and with it, time as well.  Honor God with your time and He will create time enough for all that you need to get done each and every day of your life.


By: Brian Rossi

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