Jesus in OT part 1How do family rooms, cars, Jesus and the Old Testament relate to one another? You can expect new revelations when reading the Bible. If you are not experiencing a firm connection with God and have grown lukewarm in your faith, perhaps it is simply due to missing an important part of the formula. Start with the Old Testament and begin reading the Bible again in a new light, the light of Jesus.

There is a worship song I like that Michael W. Smith sings called “Open the Eyes of My Heart” which begins with the words of the song title and then continues, “I want to see you.” It’s a catchy tune! It is also an important prayer! Do you know that many Christians read the Bible but don’t see God with an open heart?  They have predetermined what God has to say and they are not expecting new revelations in an old text. But it is called the Living Bible for a good reason!

Imagine that you are given this simple task… to walk into the family room of a friend’s house and then describe it. Without further instruction, what will you be looking for? What will catch your attention? You will probably come away being able to describe the room fairly well when it comes to the obvious big items. You will probably remember the furniture, coffee table, lamps, the entertainment console and TV. 

You will probably notice all these things that are natural to look for and that interest most people… where to sit and where the entertainment is. The most useful and desirable item in the whole room may be completely overlooked.

Do you think you would remember where the remote controls are for the TV? Probably not.  You’d likely be guessing those are by the couch, coffee table or on the entertainment console by the TV, but you probably weren’t looking for them with this task unless you were told to do so in advance.

Family room modern familyWhat is the reason most people enjoy spending time in the family room? It is to watch TV, movies or play video games on the TV. These require a remote! If you don’t think the remote is the most useful and important item in the family room, just wait until it goes missing and then watch the reaction to that frustration.

The remote makes the family room worthwhile spending time in. It gives a greater purpose to the sofa and entertainment console to say the least. Without it, what is the point of being there? Eating popcorn is fun, but not while watching a blank TV.

In similar fashion, ask anyone to describe their car and you’ll find out that they don’t mention anything about the car keys. They could own an old clunker of a car or an awesome sports car, but if those car keys go missing, they won’t be going anywhere! 

If Jesus is missing from the Bible, God’s Word, what is the point of it? And if a relationship with Jesus is equated with a relationship with God, how could he possibly be missing from three-fourths of God’s Word? He’s not missing but people sometimes don’t see him and don’t realize his importance and presence in the entire Bible.

Jesus gives greater meaning and purpose to the Old Testament. He is the way, the truth and the life. He is the Alpha and the Omega in whom all things were created for and by.  Jesus is our salvation and our redeemer and without looking for Jesus in the Bible, even the Old Testament, you’d be missing important clues to the whole big divine plan of God.

You may be thinking that Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem and his story starts with the New Testament. It is true that God came in the same flesh as mankind and entered the world in this manner, but Jesus, as God, always existed. He was present in all of the Old Testament stories.  With a heart with open eyes, you will see Jesus there.

Have you ever been intrigued by some popular car that suddenly grabbed your attention and then you notice it everywhere you look. You wonder why you didn’t notice it before because now you seem to see it everywhere. Did all of those cars start to appear coincidentally at the very same time it entered your awareness or was it already there all along but you looked right passed it each time?  Finding Jesus in the Old Testament can be sort of like this.

To read some specific examples of Jesus in the story of Adam and Eve, Moses and Joshua in the Book of Exodus and Daniel’s friends in the fiery furnace, read part 2 of this article.  Click Here For Part 2.