Is life just about living and dying? What is the point to life? Learn from an often skipped over chapter in the Bible about what is important to God. When you think of life, are you sometimes tempted to doubt what you’ve been taught and believe?  Do you sometimes want to throw your hands up and wonder if there is even really a purpose to life other than living and dying?  What’s the point to life?  Is there any?

The Bible gives us an indication very early on that for most, life is simply about living and dying but there is one notable way to fill the middle, and that is to “Walk with God.”  Walking with God means Godliness or righteousness through a personal relationship with God the Father and that walk is the key to life.

One of the more glossed over chapters of the Bible is Genesis chapter 5.  It is about the descendants of Adam and is often skipped over because it is rather monotonous in stating in essence, people live and die and have children that do the same, just live and die.  It follows the pattern of stating; this person was born of this prior person, and they had so many sons and daughters, and this person lived so many years and then died, and the same with the next person and so on and so on.

In the midst of this list of people that lived and died is a gem of a lesson to learn.  Genesis 5:24 says Enoch walked with God and then one day was taken up to Heaven by God.  He not only stands out as different in this list for his relationship with God, but he is the only one not to die.  He walks with God and ends up escaping what most people fear the most in life…dying!  While others lived for themselves and this world, Enoch lived for God and God took him to a better place and allowed Enoch to escape death.

Jesus didn’t even escape death, but he conquered it.  He was sent to die on the cross and suffered immensely for mankind, but it was not mankind that killed Jesus.  He laid his life down for all of us by going to the cross, and Jesus willingly gave up his spirit when he died on the cross.  Luke 23:46 says Jesus called out, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit” and breathed his last.  Or in the Gospel of John, Jesus said, “It is finished” and then bowed his head and released his spirit.  Jesus took on death, conquered it and rose back to life on the third day.

Only two people are mentioned in the Bible as being taken up to Heaven without dying a natural death first.  They were Elijah and Enoch.  They were taken to a better place.  It is not likely God will wisp us up into Heaven, but through Jesus, we have the same promise of being in a better place.  To reach that goal, we need to have lives that matter in the eyes of God.  We need to invest time in order to understand how to walk with God, and here is how that is done:

God gave us the gift of the Bible so we might know what walking with God means.  The Bible is the operator’s manual for our life, teaching us how to live by God’s wisdom, which first and foremost is to love God with all our heart and soul, mind and strength.  Jesus taught this in Mark 12:29-31 saying it is God’s greatest commandment.  Why is that?  Is it because God needs our love?  No, it is because we need to be ready to receive God’s love and we need God in our life every day in order to be blessed and fulfill a great destiny that he has for each one of us. That way our lives will not have been wasted on meaningless things, just living and dying with nothing notable to God in between.  We don’t know how much money, fame or prestige Enoch had, but we know he didn’t just go down in history as having lived and died.  He walked with God, and nothing could be better.

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