Tradução em Português estará vindo em breve… was the original website for Kingdom Life Church… a website blog and media center started for Kingdom Life Church when it was still in planning stages and not yet planted in Orlando, Florida. Now Kingdom Life Church is here but I remember back to this original website and how I was led to term the phrase “Daily Fire” which means as God provides us his “Daily Bread” that Jesus spoke of, let us also stoke the flames within us that Jesus puts there. That is the offering of time in relationship with our Savior inspired by the fire on the alter written about in the Book of Leviticus. Let us always stay faithful to our “Daily Fire” and never let it go out.

Keeping the Fire Burning Inside


This “Daily Fire” is what is being symbolized in this website name. God commanded the priests of the temple in Leviticus 6:11-13 (repeated 3 times) to never let the fire go out on the altar and to keep it fresh Fire on the alterwith new wood every morning. Under the New Covenant with God, thanks to Jesus, the temple is no longer the holy place of God and the priest is no longer the mediator between God and his people. Jesus is the mediator and as believers, Jesus lives in us through the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6:19 says, “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” Yes, we are not our own because we follow and serve Christ. He laid down his life that we might gain eternal life, and during our lifetime Jesus has a special destiny for everyone who will step up and take the honor of answering his call.

All of us likely spend most of our time with non-believers or those that simply don’t take God very seriously when we are at work or school, out and about running chores, at the kid’s school events, and for some of us, even at home. We belong in these places with these people that God loves. Though many will reject us and some even persecute us because of our faith in Jesus and the Word of God, they need us! They need our example. We are their light in the darkness, because we are the representatives of Christ who is the light of the world.

Jesus chose us and we have answered the call to declare him our Lord and Savior and he has commissioned us to go out in this world and be a great example of God’s love and the promise of eternal life through Jesus. In order to be effective and protected while being that light, we have to be equipped to handle it, and that requires a daily filling of the Holy Spirit, through prayer and reading/citing scripture as that keeps the “fire” burning within our hearts everyday.


As followers of Christ make no mistake, we are in this world, but not of this world. We are members of the Kingdom of God, but God wants us here as representatives of his Kingdom, saving souls, adding to the Body of Christ andrun the race with endurance advancing the Kingdom. We need to keep the fire burning to be equipped to run the race God has set before us, with all the witnesses around us, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus (Hebrews 12:1-2).

We have a special destiny.

In John 17:15-18 Jesus prays that God does not take his followers out of this world, but simply protects them from evil while they are in this world. Jesus says that just as he was sent into this world by God the Father, Jesus now sends us into this world, sanctified and with the truth of the Word of God. Then Jesus says we are not of this world any more than he is.

So, how do we stay faithful to God and fulfill our destiny? As God provides us his “Daily Bread”, we offer back our “Daily Fire” by spending both alone time with God each day and time with a community of believers and followers of Christ on weekly basis. A daily reading of the Bible, studying it, and praying are vital to keeping the fire burning inside. When you spend time with God in these areas focused on his Word and his wisdom, God will honor that. He is always faithful to his Word and blesses those that seek righteousness and a closeness with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Everyone is busy and has concerns about having enough time to take care of responsibilities. Put God first every day and cast your concern of time on the creator of “time” and watch God take your devotion and daily fire and honor it with a blessing of all the time and productivity you need to step into your destiny and accomplish all that God has planned for you.

The second most important part of keeping the fire alive is to spend time with other believers by attending regular church services. Besides honoring God with your presence, praise and worship at a weekly service, it recharges your spirit, or fire, when you do this with others. Romans 10:17 says faith comes from hearing the Word of God and the Gospel of Christ. So, weekly attendance at church is very important for not only worship, but for hearing the sermon which boosts faith. We all need as much faith as possible because it is our faith and actions that activate God to move mountains in our lives. Prayer groups and Bible study groups help even further accomplish the same benefit along with the valuable support by spending time with fellow members of your local church.

This community of believers is very important also because the flesh is weak, but the Spirit is willing. A daily walk with God takes work and support (devotion). Sometimes it involves getting back up when you fall down. Thank God for our brothers and sisters in Christ for this support along with the grace and mercy of our forgiving Lord and svior. Jesus is the great Redeemer, and gives us countless chances to begin a walk with God or even change the direction of our walk when needed. How one walks everyday becomes a lifestyle. This is why we are not naming this church, Kingdom Walk Church or Kingdom Moment Church. It is a lifetime of walking with the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God. It’s a lifestyle of seeking God’s will, striving to emulate Jesus, and supporting one another in that walk. That is the Kingdom Life and it’s best lived when we have that fire inside for Jesus.

With Jesus in your heart this way, you have the “Kingdom Life Fire” within you.