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Welcome to the media hub for Kingdom Life Church. Our goal is to lift up Jesus and give Him all glory! We will praise and preach Jesus our Lord and Savior as a Bible teaching, nondenominational Christian church that God has planted in Orlando, Florida. We hope and pray that the “Articles on Fire“, and soon to come, videos and audio clips that will be posted here will prove to be both enlightening and encouraging to your walk of faith. God is faithful to us and the provider of our “daily bread.” Spending time with God each day is how we are faithful to God and have relationship with Him. It is what we have termed our “Daily Fire” and miracles and grace happen when we have the Kingdom Life within us.

Please enjoy your visit here and if you find an article, video, audio or picture that can bless someone you know, please share it with them through your social media channels or by email. God bless you!

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Articles on Fire! (Inglês)

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What God Wants Us to Forget and to Remember

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